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Stories and Condolences for the late Terry Greatrex


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March 3, 1937 - March 12, 2016


With his family at his side, Terry Greatrex passed away on March 12, 2016 after, a lengthy battle with cancer, at the age of 79 years.


He is survived by his beloved wife Wilma; sons Ken (Wendy) and Terry Jr.; daughters Laurie (Dan) Lord and Marni (Mario) Blais; six grandchildren Chantal and Amanda Lord, Kristie and Zabrina Blais and Samantha and Matthew Greatrex.


A private family memorial service will be held.  Friends and relatives are invited to join the family for a memorial reception being held between 1:00 and 3:00 pm Wednesday, March 16, 2016 at the Southglen Trailer Park Community Hall, 38 Springwood Drive. (See the live map on this page)


Terry was also known as, Terrance Richard Herbert Greatrex, Big T, Terrible Terry, Dad, Grandpa, Uncle Terry, Big Guy, Big Man and Terry Sr..


Terry was an only child of Kenneth Melvin  and Anne (Eggleton) Greatrex. Terry was born in Timmins Ontario, March 3, 1937.  He married the love of his life Wilma on October 15th, 1960 and they shared wholeheartedly the story below. 


It wasn't an easy road or life, but with every set back he managed to pick us up and keep on going.  His final struggle taught us all the importance of being strong. He truly showed his family how strong we are, especially together!!


As a Grandpa, he was always extremely proud of his six grandchildren, Chantal, Kristie, Amanda, Zabrina, Samantha and Matthew.  They brought him great joy and pride.


Even though he was an only child deep in his heart he considered his cousins Margaret Jean (Tom) Webber and John (Wendy) Annandale as his sister and brother.  Wendy Annandale always had a very special place in dad's heart.  


Terry was also very fond of all of his inlaws, Anne, John, Lynda and Sharron and their families. He will also be missed by very special cousins, Suzanne Bell & Marion Ostrom. Dad was so pleased to have found and met with long lost Greatrex Family relatives  and he enjoyed their reunion in British Columbia.


Terry was a professional driver & salesman.   He drove cargo haulers, logging trucks, tanker trucks, pilot vehicles and busses.  He drove over many highways and some roads that were barely roads, all over  North America.  He ended his professional driving life as a bus driver and each day he drove special needs Adults from their homes to their jobs.  We know this was his favorite and most rewarding job.  He really loved his clients and had many stories to tell about and to them.


He always dreamed to find the next greatest item to sell, build or invent… this is not an exhaustive list but over the years he sold Williards Chocolates, Artistic Jewellery, Charley Chuckle Cards, Wonder Bra, McBrine Suitcases, Rhino Linings Spray in  box liners, Alumnitech Box covers, Purifiner Oil Filters, Truck Box Tents, Outdoor Camp Ovens and Hitchhands.


Most will remember Terry as a grand story teller; mostly true experiences, some perhaps stretched that truth and many turned into groaner jokes.  He loved to get that laugh or smile out of anyone he encountered.  This was a lifetime natural talent that he never let go of even at the end of this journey he entertained  his caregivers and cancer care attendants as best he could.


Terry had many passions throughout his life; his hobbies could easily become obsessions.  He dabbled in photography; model railroading; boating/fishing/grouse hunting; CB Radio, BBQ  & grilling to name a few.  Did we mention fishing & grouse hunting!!!   Feeding people was also a passion; especially after a big day of fishing; he would not hesitate to feed the campground.  There are many recollections of big feasts being organized by him:  Usually prepared by Wilma!  There was WOK stir fry cooking at campgrounds,  Cornroasts,  and more recently his Smoker BBQ Green Mountain Grill.    


Did we mention fishing? His love for Lake Trout fishing, specifically at beautiful West Hawk Lake was always present in any fishing conversation.  Actually dad seemed to enjoy teaching people how to fish more than his own personal enjoyment of fishing. His "always successful" technique using gang trolls, very heavy lead weight, letting out a specific amount of fishing line, controlling the boat at a specific speed and putting the minnow on a secret way allowed us to catch endless amounts of Lake Trout. He always said we never went fishing "We go Catching" ….. anyone who has been lucky enough to have gone fishing with us can certainly agree his method worked !!


Most who knew him also knew that he was always on an important Quest to find the best Fish and Chips ever… and in the end I believe The Glen in Ottawa seems to have won that award.  Are we still talking about fish?


Dad especially enjoyed the family time experienced while camping, fishing & Hunting.  Hunting Grouse for many many years has been a favorite family activity with most Thanksgiving weekends spent up in Nopiming Provincial Park and more specifically on a special "top secret" road to hunt along.  After more than 35 years of hunting this road dad seemed to know every curve, rock, tree or gully along the road. On any hunting trip down that road, he was always sure to point out every single family memorable spot…..there must have been hundred.


Throughout the last years of his life Dad experienced his most rewarding hobby/craft/talent, FLY TYING.  A talent passed down to him from his father Kenneth, who tied flies and sold them all over Northern Ontario.  There was a time when Ken's Flies would be seen for sale on the walls of most gas stations.  Dad took this talent and amazed us all with his creative hands and eyes, making the most beautiful hand tied flies.  He was always willing to teach or demonstrate to anyone who was willing to sit with him in his fly tying room.  There is no doubt this will be a tradition in our family going forward, with his grandson Matthew already demonstrating a natural knack for tying beautiful flies!! (see image).

An example of Terry's expert Fly tying skills

Thank you to the people who helped dad and our family at the Buhler Cancer Care Centre, Karen, Delleen, Eleanor, Dr. Ogaranko,  Anjanie  and all the nurses and aids in the chemo centre.


Words cannot express how thankful we are to the amazingly compassionate and caring support received by dad and our whole family from the staff at the Health Sciences Centre, GA,GD and GH 3rd floor.  Special thank you to Dr. Mark Forsyth, Dr. Graham Macleod, Nurses and health care aids;  Ashley, Rommel, Candace, Jennifer, Ana, Harvie, Angie, Claude, Natalia and at the end Vanessa.


In his memory donations can be made to Victoria General Hospital Foundation, directed to the Buhler Cancer Centre.


Please visit

Press play to view the video tribute which was played at Terry's memorial.  It looks best in full screen mode.
Please consider making a contribution to the Victoria General Hospital Foundation, 
directed to the Buhler Cancer Centre
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From: Wendy Deugo

March 16, 2016


Terry and Wilma come to Carp......


When Laurie and Dan moved to Carp, we became good friends very quickly. Finally, Terry and Wilma were coming to see this new place their daughter had moved to and we were introduced to them. Smiles and laughter seemed to happen when Terry was around and we were happy to be part of theirs visits here.


One of my last visits with Terry was as a student. The poor man was trying to teach a bunch of blondes how to tie flies. I'm sure we drove him crazy! Lots of laughter and total success. We all managed to take home at least one tied fly that was recognizable.


When Terry started tying flies after he got sick, Laurie brought one home for me. I have it in my office and see it every day. It is a cherished reminder of memories with Terry and Wilma in Carp.


Thanks for sharing Terry with us.


Hugs going your way...


Wendy and Dale Deugo

From: Dale Hanna

March 16, 2016


So sorry to miss the the memorial. Our deepest condolences to you Terry, Ken and the rest of the family. We're thinking about you.


His loveable personality will be missed !!

From: Margaret Webber

March 15, 2016


I can never remember a time in my life when Terry wasn't in it as we were born 2 months apart. For many years the only Grandchildren, Neice/Nephew, on our Mother's side, we were spoiled by all, especially our Pollard Grandparents and our Aunt Dot. Although we lived far apart. letters constantly flowed between family members, keeping us in touch and every special occasion was spent together.


Christmases were special times as were long summer holidays in Unionvile, where, surprise, Wilma lived. You can fill in the blanks here that include our teenage years. Our kids might read this. Shortly after we were both married to the loves of our lives, Wilma and Tom, Terry and Wilma came to live with us for a short time while on the move to a new town. A few years later when they moved to Cochrane we came to visit them and saw the part of Ontario that Terry loved so much, The beautiful north country and the wilderness where he had learned to hunt and fish, a love that stayed with him all his life. Our life paths parted after he and the family moved to Winnipeg but we were together for every special occasion possible and when we could not, we missed each other so much. I cannot imagine my life without Terry in it somewhere.


My heart aches with sadness and my love goes to Wilma, Laurie, Ken, Marni, Terry Jr., and all the Grandchildren. We will be thinking of you tomorrow and all the hard days ahead.


May God give you his blessings and may my dear cousin Terry, rest in peace.

From: Colleen and Roy Gardiner

March 15, 2016


Our deepest condolences to you and your family. We're thinking about you.

From: Dalia Loewen (Dot)

March 15, 2016


My sincere condolences to You, Wilma, Terry, Ken and the rest of the family.


I will rememeber Terry with his wonderful smile and kindness. My thoughts and prayers are with you at this difficult time.

From: John and Wendy Annandale

March 15, 2016


One day many years ago Terry showed up unexpectedly at our home. We had been invited to a house warming party to which we had already accepted the invitation. We spoke to a friend who was also going and he suggested that we bring our cousin with us. We loaded the car with some extra beverages, food, a gift and Terry. Apon arriving and exiting the car "someone" accidently let the extra beverage drop onto the driveway with a loud crash and lots of glass. After cleaning up the driveway the party,that was suppose to be outside ended up in the very large garage due to a massive down pour that lasted far into the night. The new home owners felt like they had let their friends and families down as we all sat in a circle in the garage. If you are wondering why we didn't just go inside the party happened before their new floors had dried. So as we all sat around not really making much noise up went Terry with "so lets get the show on the road". Most people stared at him and you could tell all but the three of us didn't know who he was... not even the home owners! 


Terry got the barbeque going, food got sent out to all the folks and then once again, as only Terry could, started the comedy show. Joke after joke he went on, everyone was in stitches which really hurt after all the food that we had eaten.


Late into the night people kept wondering who this man was so after thanking the hosts and heading for our car someone yelled out so who the heck are you anyway. Terry turned around yanked up his trousers and loudly voiced back, "I'm BIG T FROM WINNIPEG".  He then turned back to us chuckled and said, "They will figure it out..."


We would like to send our heartfelt condolences to Wilma and family for the loss of our beloved Cousin Terry. We will always remember his fantastic stories, his love of fishing, hunting and babequing. We'll remember all the things he has tought each and every one of us, but most of all, we'll remember how much he loved his family and friends.


Big hugs to a loving Teddy Bear Terry R Greatrex

From: Sue and Mark Hauser

March 15, 2016


Ken, Wendy and Family Our prayers are with you during this difficult time.


May GOD Bless you and your family and may your treasured memories help to heal the loss you feel at this time.


Love from Sue and Mark

From: Karyn & Doug Pearson

March 15, 2016


I am happy to have met Terry at a Church service we attended a few months ago. The preacher was speaking on God's love that day and as I reached over to hug him (as we sometimes do in Church) both of our eyes swelled up with tears as we embraced. I realized in that moment that Terry had a great capacity to give and receive love and therefore my only regret is not having met him much sooner!


My condolences to the family on your loss, as I know he will be deeply missed!

From: Larry & Christina Jamieson

March 15, 2016


Our sincere condolences to Mrs. Greatrex and family.


We are greatful to have had Terry as a bus driver to get our son Tyler to and from his day program at Trail Blazers each day. Terry was always kind and genuinely concerned for his passengers comfort. Tyler appreciated Terry’s special crabapple jelly and one of his fishing flies which is far too pretty to ever see the water.

From: Scott McWilliam

March 15, 2016


To Ken


Wendy and Family, Riva and I send our deepest sympathy for your loss.


May his memory forever be a blessing to your whole family.

From: Ted and Leanne Greatrex

March 14, 2016


To Wilma and family,


Our deepest sympathy on the passing of Terry. It was just a short while ago we were all chatting on Skype and messenger . Terry loved the wonders of technology, as he put it. We first spoke to Terry many years ago via email as he was building the family tree. As it turned out we shared common interests, Fishing, cooking and food. He used to say we have been to the lake and caught so many fish because we use the Greatrex method . He definitely had a technique.


It was funny we both started building our smokers at the same time keen to try our hands at bacon and smoked cheese. I remember Terry as a kind hearted, very family orientated guy who loved to share his life lessons and was always out for a laugh. We got Skype working one day and he yelled out "Wilma come in here and say "hi" to another good looking Greatrex"


To you all, our condolences. And to you, Big Man, we are going to miss you.


Your mates down under.

From: André Légaré & Jeanine Lord

March 14, 2016


Our sincere sympathies to you Laurie and to all the family. Our thoughts are with you.

From: Anne and Michel Patenaude

March 14, 2016


Thank you for sharing just a sampling of the special moments of your Dad's life. He certainly lived life Big and was the strength your family could always draw on. It's certain his presence will be felt for a very very long time.


Our deepest condolences to your Mom, Laurie, Dan, Chantal, Amanda and your entire family.


Anne & Mike

From: Bruce Kim and Meagan Wentland

March 14, 2016




Our deepest sympathies. He will be missed .

From: Landa Field

March 14, 2016


My condolences to you folks.


I am pleased there are so many great stories, this is what will help you in the days ahead.

From: Glen & Sandy Byrne

March 14, 2016


Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this sad time

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