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Colleen Telford

Passed May 4, 2019

It is a rather interesting exercise to sit down and write your own obituary. Quite frankly, I could pass on an obituary but I am writing it for the sake of my family.


Who are my family members? First, my husband, Mark, uprooted from his beloved Toronto to live in Winnipeg years ago. After a $42.00 wedding at Honolulu city hall, with a state trooper as witness, we have laughed together for more than 30 years!


My wonderful children are Simon and Eric, who have enjoyed many of my famous “speeches” throughout their lives. They will remember me as a great skier (ha ha), good cook (yes!) and as someone who could not walk on water at a Mexican resort!


I was very fortunate to have two amazing sisters: Etta (husband Gary Minsky) and Fran (deceased 2006). I can’t imagine my life without them. My nieces Amanda and Kirsten Kettler and nephew George Kettler became even more special to me after the death of their mother. Finally, there is Max, a handsome, good natured golden retriever.


I have been cremated and my ashes will be spread in a location that is special to the family. If you thought of getting a half day off work to attend a funeral service…sorry, I’ve decided there will not be a service! I do send a shout out to all the staff at Misericordia Health Centre where I enjoyed working for many years. Just a final reminder to them to always work safely and keep those WCB rates low!


Final thoughts: first of all, don’t walk with your cell phone. Distracted walking left me at the bottom of the stairs with a life changing spinal cord injury. Secondly, don’t wait for retirement to get to your bucket list. Life can change in an instant and you many never get the chance to check off the boxes. Finally, writing your own obituary is actually easier than you might think!


In lieu of flowers, remember me during the 2019 federal election by casting your ballot to rid Canada of Justin Trudeau, a PM who divides Canadians with identity politics and who won’t balance the budget until 2040, amassing a mountain of debt for future generations. Canada deserves better!

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